Finally! It’s okay to be bad! Try this “Bad to the CORE” workout. Who knew being bad could be so good for you? ;) You only need 10 minutes to increase your strength and endurance, while tightening your core. A strong core can give you more power and stability in every move you make, whether it be in or out of the gym. So go ahead and be bad to the CORE!

List of exercises for Bad to the CORE workout:
– 8 Plank jump-jack
– 8 Palm plank with knee cross-drive
– 10 Knee-high (running on the spot)
– 5 jackknife
– 8 torso twist

Repeat as many rounds as you can in 10 minutes. Try to beat your own record each time you execute this workout. ;0)

Penny shares this workout from her series of 10-Minute Home Workout videos as part of her “Join the Wellness Movement” campaign. This campaign was created to motivate you to “move” — to encourage you to consciously choose the things in life that fulfills your overall well-being — to inspire you to stay fit, stay strong and stay well in mind, body and spirit.
Join the Wellness Movement! Start here, right now, with this 10-Minute Home Workout Series 6: Bad to the CORE.