When it comes to boosting metabolism, increasing lean muscles, and maximizing fat burning, high intensity interval training has been identified as being one of the most effective.
Previous research has shown that just 20 minutes of high intensity training, 2-3 times a week, can yield greater results than slow and steady long-drawn-out conventional aerobics done 5 times a week. So choose a few of my 10-minute workouts and perform them back-to-back for a total of 20 minutes (not including warm up and stretching time, of course).
Saying that, however, I’m fully aware that some people cannot perform high-intensity-type workouts due to legitimate health or physical (or sometimes even age) issues. So for those people, you may have to stick to more conventional-type workouts and it may have to be longer workout sessions with higher frequency per week in order to achieve the same results. And there’s nothing wrong with that.
BUT, if you are willing and able, and decide to incorporate high-intensity-type workouts in your regime to get maximum results while cutting your workout time short, please be sure to practice proper form first and foremost!
Take the time to build an aerobic base so your body has a good foundation to warm up to this type of workout. Always start with the modified moves (beginners to intermediate) and slowly advance from there. Don’t just jump in and expect your body to do this type of workout if you don’t first practice and get familiarize.
Like anything you do, it doesn’t just happen, you have to start some where. And you have to be consistent in the practice. This way you can build your body to work like a fine-tuned machine and it will perform well for you in all areas of life.
If you do your best and give it your max effort, that is considered YOUR advance level. So don’t compare yourself to others or their fitness level. As long as you’re doing your best each time, you will get stronger and better… and when you do, your body composition, strength and endurance will change to match your abilities.
So don’t worry about the weighing machine — focus on your performance! As your performance improves, so will your body. This much, I know for sure!
Here is the list of exercises and program description for Crazy Eights:
Repeat each set for 8-10 rounds.
Set 1
20s – Jump Squat (alternating between narrow and wide)
10s – Hit the Deck (push up into child’s pose)
Set 2
20s – Burpee (with 4 knee tuck lateral hops)
10s – Push up (with rock climb)
Start with Set 1. Perform the 20s (20 second) exercise at maximum effort, and then slow down, but keep moving for the 10s (10 seconds) of “active rest” exercise. Repeat this 8-10 rounds (total 4-5 minutes). Then, perform Set 2 and do the same.
Take breaks if you need them, but keep them short (5-15 seconds at a time). If you do your best, in a short time, you’ll find yourself taking less and less breaks! :)